The company produces 100% cotton Ring Spun Yarn in Carded and Combed variety suitable for both Knitting as well as for Weaving.  Both varieties are available in Single and Double yarn form.  In the year 2005, this mill started producing slub yarn and fancy yarn.  Within such a short span of  time the special quality slub yarn has created a niche’ for itself in the market.

We Manufactures :

•     Autoconed  single  &  TFO Double   Yarn  ranging  from  NE 16S to 42 S for  Kintting  as well as Weaving.

•     Slub Yarn (MCE)  ranging from NE 8 S to 40 S  for Weaving.

Production Capacity :

At present Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari Soot Girni Ltd. Produces 35000 kgs./day out of which 24500 kgs. is Combed yarn and rest is Carded yarn.  Total Combed yarn production is 735 tons/month.

Current and Future Spindle & Production Capacity:

Present installed spindle capacity            -    88704 Spindles.
Present Production                               -     1050 Tons/month

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